What’s with the fox?

Foxes are cool – wily creatures that always look as though they have something going on. In Japanese Shintō legends, foxes are Inari’s messengers, which may bring you to a follow up question:

What is Inari?

Now that’s the real question! The Internet was originally the wild west, and anonymity played a crucial role. Back in the early days of Parkour in Ireland, communication was through forums, and the name I went by was “Inari” – it sort of stuck!

I write (a lot), and one of the earliest characters I created is named Inari – as such, he holds a deep place in my heart, so when it came time to register an account on (the now defunct) pkire.com, I chose it as my tag name.

OK, so what is Inari.ie?

You have a lot of questions! Thankfully, I have the answers (so far). This is my personal website – as a professional developer, graphic designer, writer, and a place for my thoughts etc. A portfolio of projects, art, photography, and more.

Behind the moniker

My name is Kev, and I’m an avid writer in my spare time. From novels and short stories, to poetry and more. Writing is my passion – all aspects of it. I have an intense love affair with the entire process, from the analogue tools (pens & notebooks) to the digital (keyboards, software etc).

I live in the countryside in Ireland, in an old stone cottage with my artist wife (Shelly), and faithful German Shepherd Lola. Born and raised in the outskirts of Dublin (Leixlip, in case you were wondering), moving to the countryside was a bit of an adjustment – but I can honestly say I’d never go back. The pace of life, the tactile feeling of being surrounded by ancient indigenous trees, and the quiet is worth its weight in gold (or practically, worth the minutes/hours of commuting).

Balancing the slower pace of my free time, I am also a computer science graduate (DevOps & Cloud Computing) from TU Dublin. Returning to education after 8/9 years was a challenge, however I can honestly say I regret nothing about my journey. Life only goes in one direction – why not take the scenic route?